Trivesta is all about creating a better future, starting today.

Nothing is more important to our future than the children in our lives. So how can we best support them?

Education is the key, and Trivesta has a big vision: Making quality education available to every child. We’ve created the Trivesta College Scholarship Program for just that purpose.

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How the Scholarship Program Works

The Trivesta College Scholarship Program is based on a point system.

By simply being a Member of Trivesta, and saving for your future, you immediately start earning Tuition Rewards Points towards a College Scholarship for a child of your choice.

Each Tuition Rewards Point equals $1 in a Scholarship provided by participating colleges. Over time, you’ll find the points mount up surprisingly fast. Within a few short years, you’ll have enough to make a real contribution to a child’s college education.

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Tuition Rewards Points

These points start accumulating as soon as you join Trivesta.

  • New Sponsors (Employees) shall earn an initial signup bonus of 500 points, and then 5,000 points for year one. Thereafter, beginning in year two (2), the sponsor shall receive 2,000 points annually.*
  • New Beneficiaries shall earn an initial signup bonus of 500 points, and then 500 points for year one. Thereafter, beginning in year two (2), the beneficiary shall receive 500 points annually.
  • (Unlimited Beneficiaries can be added by Sponsors at NO COST to your business!)

*Requirement: A Sponsor is required to log into his/her Sponsor Account at least once in the previous 365 days. If Sponsor fails to log in during a year, the Sponsor and Students shall not accumulate points for that year, but are still eligible for annual points in subsequent years, as long as they log into his/her Sponsor Account on a yearly basis.



Which Children? You Choose

Every child in your life can benefit from a Scholarship

Your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or even your great grandchildren and great nieces and nephews. Trivesta has partnered with the SAGE Private College & University Enrollment Consortium. Our objective: to reach every child, everywhere in America, and help change their future… starting today!

If you prefer, you can delay deciding which child to allocate the Scholarship to, while you accumulate points. There’s no limit to the Program.


There’s no cost to you for the Trivesta College Scholarship Program.
It’s our gift to you as a loyal Member of Trivesta.


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