Trivesta generously rewards it’s Health and Wealth Advocates with exciting opportunities to earn FREE memberships, significant weekly bonuses, and true monthly residual income that can continue for years to come.

3 Gets FREE Promotion.

As either an Advocate or just a member, you can get your own Membership for FREE each month that you have just three direct referrals that maintain an active Trivesta membership. Just help three others and yours is FREE!!!

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Weekly Coded Bonuses

As an advocate you earn $40 to $100 in member Acquisition Bonuses for every Membership that you directly sell.

As you advance in rank and other lower ranked Advocates in your network sell new memberships also, you can earn from $15 to $60 in different Member Acquisition Bonuses for every applicable sale. Because this is a “coded bonus”, this can reach through potentially unlimited relationships and  virtually unlimited depth…

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Monthly Residual Bonuses

Based on your rank, you can earn 10% to 20% Matching Check Bonuses based on the total weekly bonuses earned by other Advocates that you directly enroll.

You can also earn Enhanced Retention Bonuses of 10% to 20% of the total Membership subscriptions paid by your direct referrals each and every month.

As you and others in your team continue expanding your network of Health and Wealth Advocates, you can earn 6% BV Enroller Bonuses through 2 levels, PLUS 4% BV Tiered Bonuses through up to 7 levels – with full compression.

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Executive Phase Bonuses

As you advance to the rank of Ambassador and beyond, you can earn an additional 2% BV Ambassador Leadership Bonus on your entire downline network, through unlimited depth, until the next Ambassador or higher…

As additional Advocates within your network advance to the Executive Phase, you can earn up to 3% in Generation Bonuses for up to 3 full generations of Ambassadors and their entire networks as well.

Training and Support

With Trivesta, you own a business that’s totally yours. At the same time, you’re never alone. In fact, you’ll be joining a nationwide community of budding entrepreneurs.

You’ll be amazed at the support you receive. We give you simple, step-by-step training so you know exactly what to do at each stage of your business.

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Payment is Easy

As you earn your commissions, you’ll find it easy to get paid with Trivesta Paylution.

You’ll be given a beautiful Trivesta Prepaid Card where all your earnings will be deposited. You can use it just like any other Visa™ card for shopping online or in the mall. You can also have your funds transferred to the bank of your choice.

Paylution puts you in charge of the cash you earn as a Trivesta Advocate — with total visibility and full reporting at your personal online account.

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