America’s health care is in crisis. Costs escalate… Access is diminishing… Patients are frustrated…

But now there’s a solution: MDGo, a whole new way to meet your everyday health care needs. MDGo, powered by MeMD provides affordable and convenient access to top quality medical providers by phone or video.





We’ve Got You Covered — 24 Hours A Day

Suppose you could pick up the phone and talk to a US board-certified medical provider Better still, suppose she could get a diagnosis — and if medically necessary, a prescription instantly sent to the nearest pharmacy!

Now you can with MDGo. Why lose time from work and spend days worrying about your symptoms? Get treated sooner with MDGo!

For everyday health problems, you can consult a medical provider for a diagnosis and prescription when medically necessary. You can talk by phone, or use a webcam for video consultation.

If a prescription is required, it will be sent electronically to the local pharmacy of your choice. If you’re on the road, we’ll even locate the nearest pharmacy for you.

Have a Doctor’s Visit Without Leaving Home

Whether it’s for you, a sick child or another family member, MDGo allows you to call a US-based, board certified MD, DO, NP or PA at any hour — daytime, nights, weekends – even holidays.

Imagine… no traveling to see the doctor, no sitting in waiting rooms (catching other people’s bugs!) and no battling a fever, cold or allergies through the weekend, or after hours, without help.


MDGo medical providers can treat:

  • Abrasions, bruises

  • Allergies, hives, skin infections

  • Bites and stings

  • Colds, flu and fever

  • Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea

  • Earache, headaches, body aches

  • Eye infections, conjunctivitis

  • Medication refills (short-term)


  • Minor headaches, arthritic pains

  • Sore throat, cough, congestion

  • Urinary tract infection

  • And more!

What You Can Expect From MDGo

  • Receive quality medical help as soon as you need it

  • Avoid losing time from work or away from family

  • Save the cost of urgent care or emergency room visits

  • Second opinions available

  • Avoid secondary infections in doctors’ offices or emergency rooms

  • Cover your entire family with one low-cost membership

Protect Your Family’s Health and Save Money!

Here are just some of the cost savings you can expect by using MDGo:

  • Save on the exorbitant cost of unnecessary emergency room or urgent care visits

  • Save the loss of working time spent driving to the doctor’s office

  • Save on doctors’ fees if you have a high insurance deductible, or no insurance

PLEASE NOTE: PMPM (Per Member Per Month) and PFPM (Per Family Member Per Month) consultations/visits are capped at three  (3) per month under all pricing models.  Each consultation/visit above the three (3) PMPM or PFPM will be charged at the rate of $38.00 per consultation/visit or MDGO’s then-current standard consultation/visit fee rate, which is collected at the time of service.


Here’s an extra money-saving benefit you get with MDGo. Enjoy discounts up to 85% on your prescriptions with your personal MDGo Rx card. It’s all part of your service as a subscribing Trivesta Member.